Voltage testers
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Voltage tester
up to 1000 Volt

100 % quality Made in Germany

Frequently asked questions

What is the warranty period on Tietzsch voltage testers?

The warranty period is 3 years.

Which voltage testers are CAT IV 1000 V certified?

The Prüfball (testball) SPB Analog – 1000PR, the SPB Digital – 1000L and the MultiSafe DSP 5 are certified by VDE for CAT IV 1000 V.

How much “Made in Germany” is included in Tietzsch voltage testers?

We have been developing the housings, electronics, components and software of our devices in-house for more than 70 years.
We produce all circuit boards and components in our own electronics production facility in Germany. Housings are partly produced in our company and partly supplied by surrounding companies. The assembly and 100 percent final testing of all devices takes place in our production in Ennepetal.
This means that our devices are genuine quality work “Made in Germany”.

Which voltage testers are particularly suitable for which areas?

• Prüfball (test ball) SPB analogue and digital for energy suppliers and railway technology
• MultiSafe DSP 4 for energy suppliers, industry and craftsman
• MultiSafe DSP 5 for energy suppliers, wind turbines, solar systems, industry and craftsman
• ProfiSafe LSP 4 for craftsman

Can I test voltages above 1000 V?

The MultiSafe DSP 5 can test maximum voltages of 1500 V DC and 1200 V AC. Even higher voltages can damage the internal protective elements and must not be tested.
Our high-voltage testers are suitable for higher voltages. Here you will find solutions up to 36.000 V AC / DC.

Do Tietzsch voltage testers meet the applicable standards?

Our voltage testers comply with the current voltage tester standard EN 61243-3 and have been checked by the VDE testing and certification institute and have been awarded the VDE GS mark.

How often do the voltage testers need to be calibrated?

Our voltage testers are testing devices and not measuring devices. Calibration of our voltage testers is not necessary. The devices do not change any further even after years. Nevertheless, a repeat test according to EN 61243-3 is recommended at least every 6 years. This test not only checks the function and accuracy, but also checks the safety and insulation of the voltage tester and the connecting cable in order to continue to offer you the greatest possible protection.

Can the voltage testers be adapted or modified?

Our devices can be adapted to different purposes with numerous accessories. Our team on the technical hotline will be happy to assist you with special solutions and special adjustments.

What makes us different from ordinary voltage testers from the hardware store?

Our voltage testers offer the highest level of safety and have been valued by professionals for over 70 years. In order to achieve this highest level of safety, we use several large protective elements connected in series, which can also withstand larger overvoltages.
This means that our voltage testers with a nominal voltage of up to 1000 V also meet the highest protection category CAT IV 1000 V. This is not only our safety promise, but has been confirmed by VDE in extensive tests.
Furthermore, our voltage testers are designed redundantly, so that at least two independent test systems always warn the user of dangerous voltage.
The materials used, from the housing to the electronics to the connecting cable, are all designed for tough use and durability.
Our voltage testers can be adapted and optimized for many different purposes using numerous accessories.
We guarantee the highest level of safety and compliance with applicable standards and our name has stood for quality Made in Germany for decades.

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Do you still have unanswered questions?

Please feel free to contact us! We will be happy to help you personally and process your request as quickly as possible.

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