MultiSafe DSP5 unter Wasser

Quality creates safety

100 % Testing

Our highest demand is your safety. By using high-quality components and constantly monitoring our manufacturing processes, we guarantee the quality and safety of our measuring and testing devices. The 100% testing of all devices and components is an important part of this guarantee for us.

Reihe von Prüfbällen die Geprüft werden

100 % Testing

Teleskop-Spannungsprüfer im Hochspannungslabor

Testing in our own high-voltage laboratory

MultiSafe DSP4 unter Wasser

IP class and cold tests

100 % testing of each unit

The function and safety of each of our devices is tested 100 %. Our testing and quality requirements not only meet the EN / DIN standards, but exceed them.

Insulation test for every device

With each of our voltage testers and test devices, the housing and cable insulation is tested in a special procedure.
These tests are carried out with up to 10 times the voltage. In this way, we guarantee the highest level of safety for the user.

Own high-voltage laboratory up to 70 kV

We test all high-voltage testers in our high-voltage laboratory for their function and safety. We can carry out tests with DC and AC voltages in the range 15 – 2000 Hz.

Zertifikat zum Überwachungsaudit Zertifikat für überwachte Fertigungsstätte

Certified by VDE, DEKRA-EXAM
and UL

Our measuring and testing devices are subject to constant quality controls.
Regular production monitoring is carried out by VDE, UL and DEKRA.

  • VDE-GS certificates for voltage testers
  • UL-CSA certificate for USA and Canada
  • DEKRA-EXAM and TÜV certificates for explosion-proof measuring instruments
  • annual external inspection and auditing of our production facility
  • external testing of our high-voltage testers by specialised testing laboratories

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TST-Safety module

When standard is not enough

The TST safety module (Tietzsch Safety Technology) monitors all functions of the software and the electronics in real time, so that our testers achieve a unique level of safety.

This means that even in the event of a defect, operating error or overload, the device can reliably warn the user. This safety module guarantees that our quality promise and the safety of the voltage tester are maintained under all circumstances.

two (HS 11) or, if applicable, three (DSP 5) redundantly monitored measuring systems for voltage

Should one of the measuring systems fail, this error is detected by the TST safety module and a warning is issued. This guarantees that our voltage testers still reliably warn of voltage even in the event of a fault. This critical error is permanently signalled by the Attention-Service sign. In this case, the device must be tested by the manufacturer.

Integrated self-test for testing the measurement technology, battery, connecting cable

The integrated self-test fulfils the requirements of EN 50110-1, according to which voltage testers must be tested for function before use. The integrated self-test enables this check to be carried out directly on site without external aids. The electronics, measuring circuits, connecting cable and battery are tested for function.

Overvoltage monitoring

Internal protective resistors guarantee the protection of the unit and user from voltage. These protective elements are constantly monitored by the TST safety module and, if necessary, a warning is given of overload due to overvoltage.

Monitoring from overload

Internal protective resistors guarantee the protection of the unit and user from voltage. These protective elements are constantly monitored by the TST safety module and, if necessary, overloading due to too long a test is warned.
This overload only affects longer tests at high voltages.

Monitoring of the software with backup function

The TST security module permanently monitors the software for errors or failures. In the event of an error, a backup is automatically activated and thus the test function is always guaranteed.

Monitoring of the rotating field test

Digital rotating field testing with monitoring of the site earth prevents false statements in difficult locations.

Aufreihung der Spannungsprüfer

Do you still have unanswered questions?

Please feel free to contact us! We will be happy to help you personally and process your request as quickly as possible.

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