Prüfball SPB digital
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digital rubber encapsulated voltage tester

rubber casing, robust and digital

The digital test ball is a maintenance-free voltage and continuity tester for power supply and industry. Protected by its unique rubber housing, the test ball is indestructible, safe and durable..

The digital version of the test ball is the modern alternative to the classic analogue test ball.

Two different voltage ranges are available to suit your application. The voltage tester can be further adapted to your requirements with its extensive range of accessories.

Prüfball SPB Digital im Detail
  • nominal voltage range:
    50 – 500 V AC / 50 – 500 V DC
  • display range:
    24 – 500 V AC / 24 – 500 V DC
  • continuity tester
  • overvoltage category: CAT IV 500 V
  • additional load for interference voltages and RCD−tripping
  • load indication through LCD-display
  • nominal voltage range:
    50 – 1000 V AC / 50 – 1000 V DC
  • display range:
    24 – 1000 V AC / 24 – 1000 V DC
  • continuity tester
  • overvoltage category: CAT IV 1000 V
  • additional load for interference voltages and RCD−tripping
  • load indication through LCD-display
Prüfball SPB digital


Excl. VAT (in the EU), plus shipping costs

Delivery time: max. 4 weeks (exact delivery date with OC)

Voltage tester:
  • precise display of the voltage 50 – 1000 V AC / DC resp. 50 – 500 V AC / DC
  • extremely resistant to voltage – CAT IV 1000 V  bzw. CAT IV 500 V- VDE certified
  • clear LED indicator for dangerous voltage
  • load connection for interference voltages and RCD tripping
  • full voltage indication without battery – maintenance free
  • large LCD display with backlight
Continuity tester:
  • fast continuity test
  • continuity test with display up to 1000 kOhm
Phase and phase sequence tester:
  • phase tester with indication “POL” and red LED
  • phase sequence tester with LED-display right / left
  • controller-monitored test with error detection to avoid false indications
  • phase and phase sequence tests can also be performed with insulating gloves
Further functions:
  • safety housing made of solid rubber is extremely shockproof
  • test electrodes with thread for screwing on accessories
  • easy handling
  • insulation fault detection by two-color cable insulation
  • extremely stable housing, even in cold environment
  • IP 65 – waterproof
SPB 500LSPB 1000L
Nominal voltage50 - 500 V AC / DC50 - 1000 V AC / DC
Display range24 - 500 V AC / DC24 - 1000 V AC / DC
Resistance measurement0 - 1000 kOhm
(50 kOhm steps)
Continuity tester with soundno
Frequency rangeDC / 15 - 2 000 Hz
Single-pole phase test (phase)yes
Phase sequence testeryes
Phase sequence tester for IT network without ground referenceno
Power supplymaintenance-free - voltage test without battery,
continuity test with long-life lithium battery
Overvoltage categoryCAT IV 500 V
CAT IV 1000 V
Degree of protectionIP 65
VDE GS approval according to IEC 61243-3yes
Measuring point lightingno
Switchable load and 30 mA RCD-trippingyes
Adjustable electrode length 4 or 15 mmyes, by protective cap
Product dimensions and weight274 x 75 x 47 mm
(display unit)

415 g
Product packaged dimensions and weight

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