Customised voltage tester TTx
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Telescope voltage tester TTx

Construction / modification according to customer requirements

We construct your tester

Due to the complete construction and production in our company, we can adapt our devices to your areas of applications and wishes. Our telescopic voltage testers can be individually modified in the area of the LCD / LED display, the lengths of the telescopic systems and the design of the earth connection.

Our experts ensure compliance with the applicable standards and can rely on years of experience in the design of such test systems.
In the past, for example, the following modifications were carried out:

  • individual response voltage (red / green)Ut for various AC and DC voltages
  • special sizes of telescopic tubes or handles
  • double earth connection with two magnets
  • earth connection with extended handle on the magnet for quick, easy relocation
  • software changes, e.g. no display of LCD values
  • special acoustic warnings

possible voltage ranges:

  • 50 – 1000 V AC / 50 – 1500 V DC
  • 50 – 3000 V AC / 50 – 3000 V DC
  • 50 – 36000 V AC / 50 – 36000 V DC

possible sizes:

  • size S: test height variable up to 6,2 m(6-part telescope)
  • size M: test height variable up to 6,2 m(4-part telescope)
  • size L: test height variable up to 8,2 m(6-part telescope)
  • size XL: test height variable up to 10 m(6-part telescope)

Inscriptions, earth wire, display, handle length according to customer requirements!

Customised voltage tester TTx

This product is only available on request!

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Field of application:
  • testing on overhead lines of railways
  • testing on uninsulated low-voltage overhead lines
  • testing on uninsulated overhead lines up to 36 kV
  • testing on compensation systems / capacitor banks
  • testing on uninsulated cables of street lights
Voltage tester:
  • clear LED indicator for dangerous voltage
  • large two-color illuminated display (red / green), for a clear warning of dangerous voltages
  • precise display of the voltage
  • stress-resistant min. CAT IV 1000 V
  • 360° illuminated band lights up (red / green) in all directions
  • acoustic warning of dangerous voltage
  • integrated self-test for quick checking of the protective resistors, connecting cable, display and electronics
  • TST safety module
  • over 100 kV surge voltage strength
  • highest degree of safety provided by molded protective resistors
Further functions:
  • telescope system for easy and quick testing
  • variable test height up to 6,2 / 8,2 / 10 meters
  • for indoor and outdoor use
  • easy operation with just one button
  • robust housing
  • IP 65 – waterproof

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